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The Art of Neighboring

The majority of people have lost the distinguishing characteristic that Jesus said would separate us from the world. It's not politics, it's not church attendance, it's not what we wear, and it's certainly not a bumper sticker on your car. Jesus said the thing that is going to distinguish you from all others is love for one another.

A Transformed Conclusion

Transformation can be illustrated through the life of a marine who returns from boot camp. They, quite literally, are different people when they return. Their posture is straighter, their speech is clearer, their bodies are stronger, and their spirit is firmed. As transformed believers in Jesus Christ, we too should quite literally be different people than who we were before. Sermon by Senior Minister Rusty Tugman and Connections Minister Payton Minzenmayer.

The Prophet Who Couldn't Let Go

You see, Jonah is not some pouty prophet who wants to live in opposition to God’s will. Jonah is man who deeply cares for his people. He is a man who lives in a part of the world where history never dies. And as God looks down to him and asks him why he is so angry, Jonah is reflecting on the desolation caused by the very people God was now forgiving. Sermon by Connections Minister Payton Minzenmayer.

How to Build Healthy Relationships

But followers of Jesus Christ also allow the Holy Spirit to transform their relationships, and those transformed relationships, in turn, become part of our Christian witness to the world. Sermon by Senior Minster Rusty Tugman and Connections Minister Payton Minzenmayer.

Living in Community

When we imagine that we, as Christians and humans, can live in total independence and self-sufficiency, we are deluding ourselves. God, from the beginning, never intended that we should go through the world "alone." We simply cannot experience fully the power and delight of life with God without also being drawn into life together with our community. Sermon by Connections Minister Payton Minzenmayer.