Deeper Podcast Overview

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Body Image: The new drug

Millions of people are affected by negative body image. From this, low self-esteem, plastic surgery, and body-alterations are trending. What part of our media and culture is contributing to negative body image? The epidemic of negative body image has become a popular discussion and the discussion has led to changes in our culture, like plus-size models and the discouragement of photoshopped images. With Megan King of Crossings Community Church we dive deeper into the hot topic of negative body image.


Mental Health – Keeping Your Brain as Fit as Your Body.

Everybody has to deal with various levels of anxiety and depression, but when do these become disorders? How is the way we view mental health disorders shaping the way we interact with the world? U!shine, a new non-profit on college campuses, brings awareness of mental health disorders on college campuses, and teaches students the warning signs and symptoms of common mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. On our show this week we brought on one of U!Shine’s team members to share practical advice for those struggling or those who know someone who is struggling.


Millennials, Jesus But Not The church

In many cases millennials are a small part of a church’s population. Churches can be afraid to build their church around them because there is a sense that millennials can’t be depended on to be there.Millennials can have a different mindset when it comes to the church and when it comes to Jesus. Often it seem that millennials want Jesus but not the church. What do millennials want?