The Abuse of the Proverbs 31 Woman

The writers of this Proverb, and most likely many others, was more concerned with the bigger questions of humankind such as: what will contribute to the happiness of humankind or how should humankind obtain and maintain wisdom? They were much less concerned with the statute and responsibilities of women, therefore the contemporary reading of the Proverbs should not bring this assumption to the text.

Book Review: Difficult Conversations

One might approach this book not imagining that they engage in enough "difficult" conversations for this information to be useful to them, however difficult conversations span over various topics that touch every person, including: sexuality, race tensions, gender equality, political opinions, business transactions, and religious views. Even more so, difficult conversations are not limited to these opinion-driven topics, but anytime one engages with another human being about something they feel strongly about.

Book Review: Leadership and Self-Deception

This book presents a model of human interaction that can be considered a unifying theory for how one can live successfully in any area of their life. Most leadership themed books aim to approach leadership in either an organization, an individual's life, or one's family; very few are able to tackle all three through such a simplified approach.

The Dualistic Demogorgon

The concept of the Demogorgon did not originate with this Netflix series, however. In fact, that evil has a long history and Stranger Things is only the latest in a collection of novels, epic poems, and other works stretching back centuries that reference the terrifying name.

Spiritual Formation: A Sense of Belonging

Most spiritual growth does not come as a result of a training program or a set curriculum. Spiritual growth does not come through a “homerun” sermon or a harmonized praise team. Spiritual growth comes as a result of what Larry Osborne calls “need-to-know and need-to-grow” situations in his book, Sticky Church.

The חסד of Ruth

The Book of Ruth, often described as the idyllic romance of two widowed women who, by the grace of Yahweh and a generous Judahite man, find redemption through marriage and child. However, now the story finds a different meaning and the genealogy at the end of the story leaves no room for this simplified interpretation.