Taking a Sledgehammer to God's Temple

Many today treat the church as optional. Many see the church as an outdated way to connect with God that has outlived its usefulness. Many would rather offer their critique or opinion, rather than their time or energy. But when we see the church in God’s perspective, we should be left amazed.

My most recent God moment...

He didn’t say a word when he approached. With his bathroom pass gripped in one hand and his other stuffed in the pockets of his jeans, the young man joined the outskirt of our circle and closed his eyes. He didn’t say a word as we continued to go around the circle, each of us adding our hearts to the holy moment. He just silently waited. . .listened. . .prayed.

Good Intentions Are Never Good Enough

You can have the best intentions of where you want to be and the person you want to become. What we fail to see is that good intentions are never going to be good enough. Too many people rely solely on their intentions (what/where they want to be), yet end up in the wrong destination with their relationships, money, career, and other dreams.

What Being A Nerd Has Taught Me About Life

Being the “poindexter” of most social groups has always been my standing in social circles. The problem: I wasn’t even the stereotypical smart nerd. I averaged my way through High School. I was just dorky. I always have been, and imagine I always will be. I was on the entomology team in 9th grade for crying out loud! Don’t know what that is? Don’t worry about it. Trust. Me.

Leading with a Limp.

If you want to keep playing that game and you want to keep pretending that you have it all together you're never ever going to reach real people who are struggling with real issues.

Goal Setting: 2019 Edition

This is the bummer of a new year. So many people have the best intentions, but they often proclaim huge resolutions without having a specific roadmap to follow on their path to a “new them.” This is why I do not set yearly resolutions anymore, but I set goals. No, that’s not just me changing the name, but actually becoming more intentional.

The Good, the Bad, the Funny of 2018

Another year is behind us as we enter the final countdown of 2018. Personally, I look forward to everything in store for 2019. I have plans; big plans! However, we cannot do 2019 justice unless we spend a moment looking back at at the good, the bad, and the funny.

The night everything changed.

Just thinking of the word sent sharp pricks through your nerves. Pregnant. Mary was pregnant. You didn’t believe it for the longest time, hoping this was some cruel joke, but once she began showing, her body became a daily reminder of the painful reality: the baby was not yours.

Why God needs you in a small town.

If you are like me and live in a smaller town, you understand the difficulties we can face on a regular basis. My encouragement to you is to discover why God has placed you where you are, and to live each moment there to its fullest potential.

The 2,000+ Year Leadership Model

There are many qualifying attributes of a shepherd. They often put the needs of their flock above themselves, guiding them to where they need to be not just where they want to be. Shepherd are thick-skinned, yet compassionate; stern, yet comforting.

What do we do when there is nothing we can do?

The cold reality is that you have very little control of what happens in your life. You cannot control how other people treat you or what they think about you; you cannot fully control how your kids grow up and if you spouse will continue to love and support; very little of us can even control how we feel or what we think at all times.

Jesus loved being human!

I think Jesus loved being human. Many times when we think of Jesus’ life on earth, our mind’s take us to the last agonizing moments of his life. While that is certainly the most dynamic part of the Jesus story, it is not the only part we can learn from. In fact, Jesus’ love of his life on earth gives us a roadmap to loving our own life.