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I captured your attention. Can I keep it?

I captured your attention. Can I keep it?

What makes people interested?

Think about the last time something captured your attention and held it. What was it about that one thing that held your attention, and why do more things in our life not do the same thing?

Imagine the signs or billboards you drove by on your way home today. What did they say? The likelihood is that you do not remember and that is fine; you are helping me prove my point. However, if you saw a wreck on your way home today you would remember. It would capture your attention, it would hold your attention, and it would even capture the attention of the people you would tell about it when you got home.


This also makes me think to when I was a kid and was mesmerized by Pokémon characters. They would not only catch my attention, but keep my attention for hours upon hours. It's the same thing for men who are in to vintage cars. What causes men who are car junkies to tear through Motor Trend magazines and attend vintage car festivals? It’s more than just capturing people's attention - what is it that keeps people interested in something that gives them no obvious benefit?

Curiosity happens when we feel a gap in our knowledge; gaps cause pain. When we want to know something, but don’t, it’s like having an itch that we need to scratch. To take away the pain, we need to fill the knowledge gap.

Think about it: mystery novels cause us to ask, who did it? Sports contests cause us to ask, who will win? Pokémon cards keep kids wondering, which character am I missing?

If people like curiosity, why do they work to resolve it? Why don’t they put mystery novels down for the last chapter, or turn off the television before the final ending up close ball game?
— George Loewenstein

This works in our faith as well. Knowledge gaps cause us to act outside of the norm to obtain information. Imagine whenever you began talking to a new person for the first time that you found attractive. Your entire thinking capacity was captured by the person because you wanted to know everything you could about them. You spend nearly every waking moment talking to them, and when you weren’t, you were wishing you were.

What if our relationship with God was this way?

Here is my point. Some of us need to shift the way we approach our relationship with God. Too many of us attend church once a week, or are active in our own spiritual practices, but with a checklist mentality. "If I can just get to the end of my list," we think to ourselves, "I will be 'right' with God." You won't be. 

In order for us to be romanticized by the Gospel message again, we must highlight our own knowledge gaps. What missing information are you lacking in your understanding of God and his relations to existence? Strive for that! Seek that! Find that! 

This even works for those of you who might think your knowledge gap is "miniscule." First, humble yourself because God's existence is far more massive than your mental capacity. Second, imagine the person who knows the capital city of 47 States. They are even more hungry for those missing 3 (their knowledge gap), than those who only know 23 States. 

Become interested in your faith again. Allow God to not only capture your attention, but hold on to it. If we can do this our lives are guaranteed to be transformed. 

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