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What is our greatest priority?

Contemporary churches hinder themselves by not making discipleship their first priority. This is how the early church grew at such an alarming rate! They made disciple-making their main thing, their first concern, their only focus.

Big News and Palm Trees

Big news that has a bittersweet taste to it. I have officially accepted a ministry position at a church in Vero Beach, Florida and Darian and I will be making a big transition (1,384 miles to be exact) over the next month.

Where is God?

Jesus is not in the business of fixing our bodies. Jesus is in the business of fixing our hearts. Many times in his ministry the former was a result of the latter, but Jesus always seeks transformation of people's hearts.

The prayer Jesus prayed for you

Often times, if we are not careful, we can get lost in this "what could be," mentality that we lose sight of what we are doing in this moment. If we are not careful, we can depend on a program or a person to build the church, when in reality it takes a church to build a church.