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The Gruesome Reality of Forgiveness

When Peter heard this I imagine his mouth went agape and his eyes widened a bit. Jesus, you couldn’t possibly be serious, could you? But Jesus was firmly serious, and he would go into a parable of a generous king and a greedy servant that I recommend you read. However, I want to focus in a dial more on this “seven and seventy-seven” thing, because there is something considerably profound about those numbers.

A New Understanding of Jesus' Offensive Beatitudes

God is no disturbed by the things that disturb us. Here is where things get offensive. While it might have been easy up to this point to lean into the heart of Jesus and find a way to show favor to the unfavorable, there is a blacklist that should remain untouched in our opinion. There are those who are merely “too far gone.”

This bizarre story will change the way you love.

The meaning of this story is clear. It should be clear to us in the same way it would be made clear to the two groups sitting in front of Jesus had he told this story: you performance, what you do, how you behave how other people see you . . . all the stuff that you think gives you high or low value - it doesn’t.

Yesterday was a sobering day.

As I sat and listened to these students pour out their fears and experiences, my heart seemed to grow heavier and heavier. How do kids survive this scary place? What place do Christians have in speaking life back into these students who are being bullied?

The Unforgivable, Forgiven

But you also recognize the woman. She is one of you. And now she stands, humiliated in front of everyone; ashamed and disgraced in front of Jesus! You can see she is now is trembling in an unimaginable way. Your eyes are ripped from her as one of the leaders speak

I want to be better.

We have all made mistakes in life that have not put us in the best light. Some of us were bullies in high school, others of us were the one being bullied so we resorted to illegal means to ease the pain. Some are addicts others are abusive. Some cheat while others lie. The common denominator in all these things....the guilt that follows.

Lessons Learned From The Road

The Road is about the human condition, and how humans might behave to each other if the worst does happen, in whatever way. Imagine yourself in this dark, desolate, destructive world that McCarthy has built; would you still be one of the good guys?

The Significance of Touch

We introduce ourselves through touch. We bond with others through touch. We touch when we love and sometimes we touch when we hate. Mothers touch their child to soothe them, fathers touch their child to guide them. We reach out and touch the ones who are grieving and to brace ourselves when we are laughing.