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What happens when we die? Is Heaven a real place?

I put my faith is this place labeled as “Heaven,” but it is most likely not the heaven you are thinking about. Christians often find themselves wrestling with the concept of Heaven. What’s it like? Who else will be there? What will my part be? The reality is that the Bible spend very little time explaining Heaven to us.

What Being A Nerd Has Taught Me About Life

Being the “poindexter” of most social groups has always been my standing in social circles. The problem: I wasn’t even the stereotypical smart nerd. I averaged my way through High School. I was just dorky. I always have been, and imagine I always will be. I was on the entomology team in 9th grade for crying out loud! Don’t know what that is? Don’t worry about it. Trust. Me.

Jesus loved being human!

I think Jesus loved being human. Many times when we think of Jesus’ life on earth, our mind’s take us to the last agonizing moments of his life. While that is certainly the most dynamic part of the Jesus story, it is not the only part we can learn from. In fact, Jesus’ love of his life on earth gives us a roadmap to loving our own life.