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The Myth of Slippery Slopes

It’s a scary shift of attention away from what an individual said and towards something that is, at best, distantly related to what the individual said. Sometimes these can be comical; other times they can be hurtful.

It's worth the thought, I promise.

Often times, good thinking will take us to where we are least comfortable; it will cause us to consider views that are starkly different than our own. While good thinking takes preconceived thoughts into consideration, it does not immediately seek to land there, and there are many of us who are not okay with that.

Leading with a Limp.

If you want to keep playing that game and you want to keep pretending that you have it all together you're never ever going to reach real people who are struggling with real issues.

Goal Setting: 2019 Edition

This is the bummer of a new year. So many people have the best intentions, but they often proclaim huge resolutions without having a specific roadmap to follow on their path to a “new them.” This is why I do not set yearly resolutions anymore, but I set goals. No, that’s not just me changing the name, but actually becoming more intentional.

The 2,000+ Year Leadership Model

There are many qualifying attributes of a shepherd. They often put the needs of their flock above themselves, guiding them to where they need to be not just where they want to be. Shepherd are thick-skinned, yet compassionate; stern, yet comforting.

Avoid The Traps Every Pastor Faces

Many pastors, ministers, and church leaders go into ministry with a heart full of hope and and energy and passion that could move mountains. Unfortunately, many fall victim to traps that have been riddled along the way. See the trap coming before it captures you and drags you to a threatening depth.

Why failure is a good thing!

Failure isn't a necessary evil. In fact, it isn't evil at all. It is a necessary consequence of doing something new. We should not put so much merit in our fear of failure, because failure is a sign that we are trying something new, something innovative, something different.

Top 5 Podcasts to Inspire You

As creative leaders, it is important that we are listening to things that are going to spark creativity in us, but also impress leadership qualities. If one were to look in my podcast library, they would find an abundance of shows. To help you, I have boiled it down to my top 5!

What Millennials are Looking for in Leadership

Our upcoming series is all about millennials. Pretty relevant material. One of the episodes that we recorded was on millennials and leadership. If it is in a big corporation or in a small ministerial staff, we wanted to point out some of the qualities millennials are looking for in their bosses, mentors, or supervisors. 

The key to being a great communicator

I would dare to say that the best communicators are not always the most eloquent speakers or those with extroverted traits, but rather those who are able to listen intently, process the information, and have the discernment to known when to respond and when to remain silent.