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Not Even In My Tighty Whities!

Do you know what the first description of humankind is in the Bible? It was not as a sinner or a fallen creature. It was not as a worker of the field or a partner to one another. It is not a description of our imperfections or our needing of saving. We are first described as bearers of the image of God.

God's Mistake

The character I create in my mind is someone else. They are someone who shares my name but nothing else. He doesn't look like me, he doesn't talk like me, and he doesn't act like me.

Good News on a Dark Day

There is goodness in this world; a reminder we all need form time to time. In response to some of the tragedies we have seen lately, here are some recent positive headlines to brighten your day. These are not to diminish or water-down the recent events, but merely to offer some relief to anybody it might benefit.

3 Truths Only Christians Understand

In a culture driven by pleasure and "personal truths," it is not difficult to find this question lurking in the mind of any person. The Christian life is not luxurious, in fact, it is well known for persecution and 'living by faith alone.' Who would actively choose this way of life over the excess of seemingly self-fulfilling options? A fair question.