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What did Jesus finish on the cross?

“It is finished.” These are Jesus’ last words before he bowed his head, fully defeated by the plague of death that pulses through each of our veins. Imagine hearing these words as you stand in the shadow of a wooden cross that a man now hangs lifeless from.

How Smart Was Jesus?

Here is a profoundly significant fact: within our Western culture, whether Christian or not, Jesus Christ is automatically disassociated from intelligence or any form of high brain capacity. Not one in a thousand will spontaneously think of him in conjunction with adjectives such as: well-informed, brilliant, or bright.

The Gruesome Reality of Forgiveness

When Peter heard this I imagine his mouth went agape and his eyes widened a bit. Jesus, you couldn’t possibly be serious, could you? But Jesus was firmly serious, and he would go into a parable of a generous king and a greedy servant that I recommend you read. However, I want to focus in a dial more on this “seven and seventy-seven” thing, because there is something considerably profound about those numbers.

Why should I follow Jesus if I'm still suffering?

When it comes to following Jesus, there are many expectations people come to him with. For some, they expect that by committing their life to Jesus all their worries, anxieties, illnesses, or stress will be alleviated. They are soon met with the harsh reality that following Jesus does not always lead to a road of comfort, health, or security.

The night everything changed.

Just thinking of the word sent sharp pricks through your nerves. Pregnant. Mary was pregnant. You didn’t believe it for the longest time, hoping this was some cruel joke, but once she began showing, her body became a daily reminder of the painful reality: the baby was not yours.

Jesus loved being human!

I think Jesus loved being human. Many times when we think of Jesus’ life on earth, our mind’s take us to the last agonizing moments of his life. While that is certainly the most dynamic part of the Jesus story, it is not the only part we can learn from. In fact, Jesus’ love of his life on earth gives us a roadmap to loving our own life.

This bizarre story will change the way you love.

The meaning of this story is clear. It should be clear to us in the same way it would be made clear to the two groups sitting in front of Jesus had he told this story: you performance, what you do, how you behave how other people see you . . . all the stuff that you think gives you high or low value - it doesn’t.

Choosing Devotion in the Moment of Doubt.

Most people had left now; the hillside had cleared once the "show" had had reached its conclusion. Only a few drifting souls were left. Confused. Scared. Mournful. He looked up once more to the horrifying scene left on display. There was a man hanging, no longer breathing. Dead.

Which Criminal Are You?

Have you ever wondered why there were two crosses next to Christ? Why not six or ten? I have always wondered why Jesus was in the center. Why not far left or far right? Could it be that the two crosses on the hill symbolize one of God’s greatest gifts?

The Unforgivable, Forgiven

But you also recognize the woman. She is one of you. And now she stands, humiliated in front of everyone; ashamed and disgraced in front of Jesus! You can see she is now is trembling in an unimaginable way. Your eyes are ripped from her as one of the leaders speak

Where is God?

Jesus is not in the business of fixing our bodies. Jesus is in the business of fixing our hearts. Many times in his ministry the former was a result of the latter, but Jesus always seeks transformation of people's hearts.

Why Is Jesus So Important To So Many People?

The closer I live to Jesus’ life, the more confident and energized I become. I am being genuine when I say this. Over the past week I have disciplined myself to begin each day with Jesus. I spend around 15 minutes every morning, reading from my Bible and working through a study on his life. Just in one week of doing this I have seen a change in my behavior.

Finding Hope In A Prison Cell

I imagine that day as a day of hopelessness. Do you know those days when everything seems to go wrong? When you try to work hard, to do good, but this deep, burning feeling of doubt and fear creeps into your heart? I imagine that is exactly how Jesus’ closest followers felt as they saw him hanging lifeless from that cross. Hopelessness is excruciatingly painful.