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What do we do when there is nothing we can do?

The cold reality is that you have very little control of what happens in your life. You cannot control how other people treat you or what they think about you; you cannot fully control how your kids grow up and if you spouse will continue to love and support; very little of us can even control how we feel or what we think at all times.

There is a God: let me prove it.

However, faith does not have to be some supernatural phenomenon that we believe blindly. There is a balance. Like a satellite phone washing up on the shore, there are certain clues that give us a clear picture of a higher Intelligence.

Yesterday was a sobering day.

As I sat and listened to these students pour out their fears and experiences, my heart seemed to grow heavier and heavier. How do kids survive this scary place? What place do Christians have in speaking life back into these students who are being bullied?

The Sinking Question.

In our relationship with God, as we continue to try to know God better, we should focus less on the to-do list we build of giving God "his time," and focus more on experiencing life with God.

Where is God?

Jesus is not in the business of fixing our bodies. Jesus is in the business of fixing our hearts. Many times in his ministry the former was a result of the latter, but Jesus always seeks transformation of people's hearts.

Doubting my doubt in God.

Any form of doubt is evidence for faith in something else. You can't doubt belief A except on the basis of some belief B you are believing instead at the moment. Spend some time exposing doubts and discerning if they are reasonable.

Four Keys to Inviting Someone to Church

When Jesus was asked to sum up everything in one command he said to love two things: our God and our neighbors. This is a nice phrase we often see plastered on bumper-stickers or framed on a living room wall. What would happen if we took this command seriously, though?

Hope is the reason we remain faithful. It's is the driving force behind our trust in Jesus. We put our hope in a better tomorrow; we put our hope in a restoration of all things.