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Leading with a Limp.

Leading with a Limp.

The truth of the matter is that all people have something in their life that causes them to limp. No, I am not necessarily referring to a literal limp, though there are some that have those, but the struggles, obstacles, and devastating temptations that plague every person. That’s right, EVERY person.

Your best friend, the person you admire the most, and the top leaders in the world all have something in common: they have, are, or will make mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes will be minuscule, barely raising any eyebrows. Other times, the mistakes are so detrimental they tear apart lives.

  • Thousands of bosses, and CEOs, and leaders are jeopardizing their team because they are allowing their pride to lead them.

  • Many innocent people are wrongly sitting in prison for a crime they took no part in (90,000 to be exact), while others are paying life in prison for their terrible actions.

  • 28,258 users are watching pornography on the internet. . .every second. That is millions of mistakes being made every day as people replace God’s amazing gift of sex, for sex with the internet.

These are limps. There is nothing that can be done to avoid them in their entirety (well, really, really try on the detrimental ones), but there is a solution with learning to lead with a limp. And that was it. Did you catch it? It was right there:

Lead with a limp.

Being a pastor is one of the hardest jobs out there. Not only are you trying to hold up the faults and baggage that others have laid at your feet, but you’re trying to maintain your own aurora of holiness. When others look at you, you want them to see a leader who is unblemished by the world.

Here's the deal: you're never going to reach them.

You’re never going to reach anyone.

If you want to keep playing that game and you want to keep pretending that you have it all together you're never ever going to reach real people who are struggling with real issues.

To be a better leader, you must live with authenticity: you must lead with a limp.

There's a story of a guy that worked for a swimming pool business, and he had a contract for a large hotel in the area. He was a minimum wage employee, and he left the water on, and it flooded the hotel pool, which actually flooded the bar beneath the hotel pool and cost a $100,000 damage.

The employee walked in the boss's office and handed in his letter resignation and said, "Hey, I guess I don't work here anymore." The boss said, "What are you talking about? I just spent a $100,000 training you. You're not going anywhere. Because you made that mistake and you acknowledge it, you're not gonna make that mistake again. I don't want somebody else to make that mistake so you might as well stay here."

I think that is a picture of how we can lead people, especially through failure.

People need to know they are not defined by their mistakes, that they can learn something from them, and that they are being led by someone who understands what it means to make mistakes.

Lead with your limp:

  • Don’t hide it. Someone you lead might need your guidance through a similiar problem.

  • Allow it to strengthen you. Your limp can actually make you a better person in the end.

  • Be empathetic. Others are limping too and need someone who understands what they are going through.

  • Remain humble. While the past is in the past, it’s important to remember where we have come from.

Lead with your limp – Be yourself. Don’t try to imitate their generation or be a cookie cutter replica of other successful groups similar to yours. Be humble and don’t boast about how great you are. Be honest about your mistakes and don’t pretend you have it all together.

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