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The Sinking Question.

The Sinking Question.

Let's start with a question. Who do you know best in the world?

Your sister? Your best friend? Your husband or wife? Chances are there is somebody in the world that you know really well. You know their music tastes and where their favorite places to eat are. You know how to make them smile and which shows they are more likely to binge watch on Netflix. You just get them. And that's a good thing. 

I have one more question. How well do you know God?

For some that is a sinking question. Sure, we want to know God better, but that is much easier to say than to actually do (as most things are). There is a no time. Life is busy and you have a plethora of other things you need to be doing that seem to take priority over your "God time." It can feel complicating. You need to wake up early, meditate, pray, write in a journal, pray every hour, study the Bible, teach the Bible, and end your day rehearsing Scripture. This is not an easy undertaking. It doesn't feel like it works. You have spent a quality amount of time doing these things. For some of us, we have spent our entire life doing these things, and yet we still get into a fight with our spouse, our anxiety overcomes us, or our boss drives us to our breaking point. Something is not clicking.

But, what if this is not what God wants? 

God never intended a relationship with him to feel like another daily commitment to merely make your life busier than it already is. Sure, God wants you to read your Bible, and talk to him in prayer, and to share his love and message with others, but these were never mean't to be consuming commitments. 

Think about the people you know the best. No, really. Think about them. How did you get to know them so well?

Chances are you went through an experience with this person. Perhaps you were on a sports team together when you were younger, or this was your weekend fishing partner. Whatever the experience, this served as the catalyst by which you were able to build a relationship from. 

In our relationship with God, as we continue to try to know God better, we should focus less on the to-do list we build of giving God "his time," and focus more on experiencing life with God. That might sounds a little meta, and apologize (I think). But, we pass under, and around, and through beautiful creations of God at every moment and we often ignore them. We experience meaningful moments of praise and glory in our interactions with others, and we bypass them as if they are coincidence. 

However, if we learn to experience these things with God, we will ultimately get to know him better.


Over time...

We will get to know our Creator better by experiencing his creation. 

Look around. Go outside. Watch people in a coffee shop. Say thanks to the things God made. Look for ways to know him better through that shared experience. 

Choosing Devotion in the Moment of Doubt.

Choosing Devotion in the Moment of Doubt.

"I saw a dark and stormy ocean"

"I saw a dark and stormy ocean"