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Top 5 Podcasts to Inspire You

Top 5 Podcasts to Inspire You

Since the beginning of time oral storytelling has had its place in the way human-beings communicate, inspire, and educate. It is for that reason that podcasts are on the rise and will completely overtake all mediums of communication. 

As creative leaders, it is important that we are listening to things that are going to spark creativity in us, but also impress leadership qualities. If one were to look in my podcast library, they would find an abundance of shows. To help you, I have boiled it down to my top 5! 

Here are the top 5 podcasts I listen to that develop me as a leaders and encourage me to be more positive and imaginative. 

Rainer on Leadership:

This is a podcast hosted by well-known Christian author Thom Rainer with the goal of providing leadership lessons on important issues. Although Rainer leans heavily on topics that apply directly to the church, many of his principles can apply to any leader. Some of his most recent episodes include: 'How to Avoid Echo Chamber Leadership,' and 'How Church Leaders Can Fight Discouragement." If you are looking to improve your leadership skills in a casual way, listening to a couple of Rainer's episodes will go a long way! 

The Bible Project

The Bible Project is an incredible resource for church leaders and those looking to expand their biblical knowledge in a fun and engaging way. Tim Mackie and Jon Collins have in-depth conversations about the Bible, theology, and history. Tim is remarkably knowledgable and, between the two of them, it's easy to become entranced in the stories and accounts woven throughout the Bible. I also recommend their Website and YouTube Channel to expand your Bible resource library. You will not regret listening to these two, I guarantee it. 

The Adventure Zone

Ha! Now this is the most different, and most unique podcast in my library. This is a comedy-style podcast that is loosely themed on the role-playing Dungeons and Dragons game, but even more so, the amazing storytelling abilities of the McElroy family. Three brothers, who already ran a successful podcast, recruit their dad into their storytelling adventure. Over years of coming together to record, the 4 of them create an entire universe filled with characters to fall in love with, plot-twists to captivate you, and an ending that floods you with emotion. If you want to unlock the creative genius you possess, have a taste of this fascinating podcast. 

The Liturgists Podcast

Michael Gungor and Science Mike host a culture-shaping, genre-bending conversation about the relevant (or bizarre) topics facing people today. This podcast is released sporadically, but has an immense following and an even greater impact on the conversation of today's culture. The conversations between these two cover the difficulties and wonders of faith and its intersection with arts, science, culture, and logic. If you want to have a deeper well of knowledge to pull from, or how to respond to cultural shifts a a Christian, then you might want to give this podcast a try. 


We end this list with a podcast hosted by a husband and wife. With the set goal of discussing things that are very good and the things that make them good; this delightful couple gives a whole new meaning to enthusiasm. I love listening to this couple bring up things that make them happy for the sole-purpose of bringing joy to others. This is a light-hearted, easy to listen, and simply fun podcast. Sometimes, as leaders, we have to surround ourselves with positivity. There are little nuggets of joy, like this podcast, all around us. All we need to do....listen. 

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