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There is a God: let me prove it.

There is a God: let me prove it.

Imagine that a satellite phone is washed ashore on a remote island inhabited by a tribe that never had contact with modern civilization. Like the 80’s classic, The God’s Must Be Crazy, the natives play with the mysterious item, not knowing what it is or the potential it holds.

They play with the numbers on the dial pad and hear different voices upon hitting certain sequences. They assume first that it’s the device itself that makes these noises. Some of the cleverer natives, the scientists of the tribe, create an exact replica and hit the numbers again. They hear the same voices again.

The conclusion seems obvious to them. This particular combination of crystals and metals and chemicals produces what seems like human voices, and this means that the voices are simply properties of the device. Are you pulling your hair out yet? Let’s continue just a bit further in this story.

Some time later the tribal sage (think wise man), summons the scientists for a discussion. He has thought long and hard on the matter and has reached the following conclusion: the voices coming through the instrument must be coming from people like themselves, people who are living and conscious although speaking in another language. Therefore, they should stop investigating the instrument itself, but the possibility, that through a mystery in its own, they are “in touch” with other humans.

But the scientist laugh at the sage and say, “Look, when we damage the instrument, the voices stop coming, So they’re obviously nothing more than sounds produced by a unique combination of lithium and printed circuit boards and light-emitting diodes.”

Frustrating, isn’t it? This story makes you want to jump into the middle of this conversation and say, “No, this wise man is right! There are people out there just like you! In fact, knowing this would give you a glimpse to a greater understanding of the world beyond your island. There is so much more out there!”

However, even when you know it to be true, you see why the sage is unable to convince the scientist to believe this preposterous claim. Other humans? Different language? Mysterious communication? Not a chance!

Now you realize the complexity of knowing and understanding God; you also realize how easy is is to let preconceived theories shape the way you view evidence instead of letting the evidence shape your theories.

There are many aspects and actions of God that are beyond understanding. Like natives on a remote island, we do not have a mental shelf large enough to place all of God’s attributes. God is too mighty, too magnificent, and too grand for our limited understanding.

However, faith does not have to be some supernatural phenomenon that we blindly accept. There is a balance. Like a satellite phone washing up on the shore, there are certain clues that give us a clear picture of a higher Intelligence.


  1. Nature obeys laws;

  2. The dimension of life, intelligently organized and purpose-driven beings, which arose from matter;

  3. The very existence of nature.

To many, that might sound like a big jumble of question marks. I’ll be honest, I get lost in it many times as well. But the point of listing these out is to show that belief in God does not find merit in faith alone, but also by physical truths. Like a satellite phone, we can see these truths, touch them, move them from one hand to the other, and experience them. They are real.

This is something that I need to be reminded of daily. God is unlike anything else in my life. I cannot meet God at a coffee shop to breakdown my questions; I cannot send a text message to God or spend time with him on the golf course. Often times my belief in God’s feel like it’s being balanced on a very small point, waiting for a subtle wind to topple it over.

This doesn’t have to be the case for us. There is validity in our claims of God’s existence. Nature itself points to the existence of a higher Intelligence.

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Like the sage to the scientists, we can consider something that seems beyond consideration. God has dropped bread crumbs throughout his creation that leads back to him; we merely need to follow them.

And if you are an unbeliever reading this I have one question for you:

What would have to occur or have occurred to constitute for you a reason to at least consider the existence of a superior Mind?

The parable above was adopted from Antony Flew’s book: There is a God. Flew was the world’s most notorious atheist who changed his mind on the existence of God. Flew claims his experience is not based on faith, but reason. You can read about his intellectual journey toward God using this link.

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