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5 Ways To Fall Back In Love With Your Bible

5 Ways To Fall Back In Love With Your Bible

The truth is, there are many books I love to read over and over like Name of the Wind and Bob Goff’s Love Does. So why have I never felt that way about the most significant book in the world?

For far too long I saw reading the Bible as a chore, something to start each day off with or to check off a list to ensure having a good day. The problem: reading the Bible became a task to be accomplished, not something living to be consumed. There was not excitement, just a long book that seemed more irrelevant than ever.

I would never presume to have all the answers to following God faithfully, and reading the Bible is only one of many ways we communicate, connect, and are inspired by the divine. However, I believe there is a rich benefit for being in God’s word daily, which lead me to share with you 5 ways to fall back in love with your Bible.

Let’s start with,

1) Stop Reading It Like A Textbook

Try reading the Bible like a love letter, lingering on each word; or you could try reading it like an action serious, investing in the characters and epically revealing the narrative of the story one page turn at a time. However you decide to approach the Bible, just stop approaching it like a textbook.

If we continue to approach the Bible like a textbook it will not only grow stale to us, but we begin reading it like a stature of laws and information versus a narrative unraveling before us. We quickly scan for key points as we sprint down a page, versus absorbing the story and characters. Savor the words and let their meaning sink in, rather than rushing on to the next chapter so that you can complete a reading or study assignment.

2) Do Some Background (Context) Reading

Wait. Stop. Don’t freak out.

I am not saying you need to read a 250 page commentary on the Christological or Trinitarian Controversy before beginning your ladies Bible study this coming Monday night. However, the more you know about what surrounds the stories in the Bible, the more meaningful and impactful they will become.

There are easy ways to find context without a) breaking the bank, and b) getting lost in the weeds and losing all interest all together.

  • If you’re like me and like physical books you can mark up and carry with you I recommend N.T. Wright’s New Testament commentary series: N. T. Wright for Everyone Bible Study Guides. Easy to read, but still packed with a lot of useful information.

  • If you’re like the majority of others and like to absorb information through other forms of media (like podcasts or video), I recommend The Bible Project. They have a quick and engaging book summary for every book in the Bible, plus themed videos for many other subjects. I use their content in my own studies and it has been invaluable to me.

3) Forgive Yourself When You Get Off Track

God will not look favorably upon you if you memorize every page of the Bible, and likewise he will not shame you because you have not picked yours up in a hot second. Toss any guilt you feel out the window. Our God is a champion of love and forgiveness and he is 100% on your side and rooting for you. Okay, you missed today. Tomorrow is a new day and God will happily pick back up where you two last left off.

Here is what I have learned from experience: the less time I spend the less I care; the more time I spend the more I care. It might start off slow for you, REALLY slow, but faith is a journey and many of us need to establish some better habits in our life. Spend 5 minutes today. That’s all. See where it takes you.

4) Try Listening To The Bible

I get it, you’re on the move a lot. That’s why I recommend you try consuming the Bible through a new format. There is a pretty remarkable resource that is the Daily Audio Bible. It’s free, it’s available online, and it’s everything you need to take in God’s word wherever you are (on a walk, sitting in traffic, or even in the shower).

Alongside audio, I would also recommend downloading some type of Bible reading app. There are many occasions when I sit around and do nothing. Actually, here are some average waiting times according to a Timex survey:

  • 32 minutes whenever they visit a doctor

  • 28 minutes in security lines whenever they travel

  • 21 minutes for a significant other to get ready to go out

  • 13 hours annually waiting on hold for a customer service

  • 38 hours each year waiting in traffic

That’s a lot of time that could be spent reading a chapter or two out of Mark instead of scrolling mindlessly through Facebook. Just a thought.

5) Find A Community

We were designed to live in community; we were also designed to read God’s story in community. It is a book, after all, stuffed full of God’s community of believers. Don’t go at it alone, find a group of people (a church small group, a collection of friends, your family), and spend time reading the Bible together and discussing its meaning. I think you will be surprised how alive your readings will become when you discuss it with someone else.

Speaking of community, that is exactly what I am trying to create through my weekly blogs/videos. I understand that there are many of you who have been burned by the church /Jesus-followers, while there are others of you who are seeking and searching for something better in your life.

My goal is to help you fall back in love with your Bible, your faith, and Jesus.

We have a great community here that would love to welcome you with open arms. Following Jesus is challenging and certainly not something that was went to be done alone. Reach out by commenting on this post or connecting to me another way! I would love to meet you.

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So, there you have it, friends. These are 5 ways I have learned to fall back in love with my Bible. I am still far from perfect, but I love my Bible more now than I ever have. I still have a ways to go, you likely do, too.

That’s okay!

Dust it off, crack it open, and fall back in love with your Bible today.

I'll be back. . .

I'll be back. . .

God is getting the hell out of the world

God is getting the hell out of the world