God is getting the hell out of the world

Something went utterly wrong inside of each of us: we lie, cheat, hate, envy, overindulge, suffer, swear, lust, cry, and steal. And all of these “evils” bubble to the surface in the first episode of The Society, and likewise all of these “evils” bubble to the surface in each of our lives.

Same Sex Intimacy - Glenn Pemberton

Glenn Pemberton is a minister turned professor turned writer. After spending the majority of his life serving the local church in ministry, he know writes. This is an article written by him as a summary of 9-part blog series he wrote on the subject of same-sex intimacy and the Bible.

The Myth of Slippery Slopes

It’s a scary shift of attention away from what an individual said and towards something that is, at best, distantly related to what the individual said. Sometimes these can be comical; other times they can be hurtful.

It's worth the thought, I promise.

Often times, good thinking will take us to where we are least comfortable; it will cause us to consider views that are starkly different than our own. While good thinking takes preconceived thoughts into consideration, it does not immediately seek to land there, and there are many of us who are not okay with that.

What did Jesus finish on the cross?

“It is finished.” These are Jesus’ last words before he bowed his head, fully defeated by the plague of death that pulses through each of our veins. Imagine hearing these words as you stand in the shadow of a wooden cross that a man now hangs lifeless from.

How Smart Was Jesus?

Here is a profoundly significant fact: within our Western culture, whether Christian or not, Jesus Christ is automatically disassociated from intelligence or any form of high brain capacity. Not one in a thousand will spontaneously think of him in conjunction with adjectives such as: well-informed, brilliant, or bright.

The Gruesome Reality of Forgiveness

When Peter heard this I imagine his mouth went agape and his eyes widened a bit. Jesus, you couldn’t possibly be serious, could you? But Jesus was firmly serious, and he would go into a parable of a generous king and a greedy servant that I recommend you read. However, I want to focus in a dial more on this “seven and seventy-seven” thing, because there is something considerably profound about those numbers.

A New Understanding of Jesus' Offensive Beatitudes

God is no disturbed by the things that disturb us. Here is where things get offensive. While it might have been easy up to this point to lean into the heart of Jesus and find a way to show favor to the unfavorable, there is a blacklist that should remain untouched in our opinion. There are those who are merely “too far gone.”

Why should I follow Jesus if I'm still suffering?

When it comes to following Jesus, there are many expectations people come to him with. For some, they expect that by committing their life to Jesus all their worries, anxieties, illnesses, or stress will be alleviated. They are soon met with the harsh reality that following Jesus does not always lead to a road of comfort, health, or security.

What happens when we die? Is Heaven a real place?

I put my faith is this place labeled as “Heaven,” but it is most likely not the heaven you are thinking about. Christians often find themselves wrestling with the concept of Heaven. What’s it like? Who else will be there? What will my part be? The reality is that the Bible spend very little time explaining Heaven to us.